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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
This error comes out when you use it old libraries of the CD Genetic Species, are you run the script Usecdlibs ? if so, do not perform or disable it, same thing if you installed those libraries
Thanks for your continued investigation with this AMIGASYSTEM

Well then, that's my fault...

In the script that starts the game I do exactly that i.e. execute "Usecdlibs" (as that's what the original CD did)... It just adds a few assigns, one being the "/Genesis/Libs" as an extra

Reason being, if I don't the user would need to manually copy across certain Libs from the CD-ROM (or in this case from the "/Genesis/Libs" directory).

Obviously the above doesn't cause any issues with WB 3.1 systems but does seem to with OS 3.9...

liviux76; tomorrow I will work out exactly what Libs you need to copy from the "/Genesis/Libs" directory to your system and also give you updated files that don't run "Usecdlibs" before starting the game.
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