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Originally Posted by Oddgamer View Post
Yep. That was it. And, specifically, my Avast Anti-virus.

Now I get to see if I can find a fix for that. Still, thanks.

Did you ever find a fix for this? I ask because I had the same issue......for me in manifested after I uninstalled WinUAE and reinstalled it in a different location (I originally installed it as c:\Program Files\WinUAE so I uninstalled it to put it in c:\WinUAE).

After I did that it would crash ever time I accessed a file select dialog box. I searched and found this thread and used the shell extension view program to disable the Avast extensions and it worked! But I don't think I should leave components of my otherwise perfectly functioning antivirus system disabled....especially since this is the only application it causes an issue in.

Any suggestions?
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