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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Is this a unique WinUAE peculiarity or do other emulators or video software do this?
Vsync always forces selected refresh rate, there is no way around it. (again, unless gsync/freesync which allows instant on the fly rate changes)

Note that winuae vsync means forcing emulator and display to use same updating rate. Without vsync display buffers are still vsync swapped if triple buffered mode (=no tearing). Also in double buffered too but it also have some extra conditions..

I am not sure about sound pitch adjustment to match vsynced display refresh rate but it is far better this way, without it sound would glitch continuously. (Display panel FPS.Adj does the same without vsync)

EDIT: Note that on the fly PAL/NTSC switch is rare (or at least very rarely used) on other systems.
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