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I'm pretty sure WinUAE is using raw input for the mouse, because the Amiga mouse pointer is unaccelerated. Whereas with Windows Mouse, Windows' mouse acceleration also applies to the Amiga side.

When WinUAE "warps" the Windows mouse pointer to the centre of the emulation window, does it warp to the centre of the window, or the centre of the visible region of the Amiga display? If only the upper left quarter of the window is on-screen, I think the cursor should be warped to the centre of the visible part, not the centre of the whole window.

Another possibility/question. When the window is partly off the right & bottom of the screen, does the region which WinUAE clips the mouse cursor to (using ClipCursor() I guess?) specifically exclude the taskbar area? If not, that could explain some cases of the mouse becoming uncaptured.

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