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Just to say I was starting to go through each folder and unarchive the ZIP and LHA files, but ran out of time.

Then recently I found out about an unarchiver - Extract Now, so I started again:

This will do all the hardwork for you. There are a couple of archives that contain a '!' so Windows has a fit, so I need to do those on the AMIGA. I guess this might be a better version to host on EAB, then all the unarchiving has been done already.

I recompressed using 7zip and the archive is now 580mb, so slightly smaller than the original .ZIP but I guess .7z is not AMIGA compatible. Does anyone unarchive on AMIGA, or do it on Windows and then drag/drop the files later via WinUAE/CF or via PCIMEA(?) CF card adaptor?

(there was probably an easier way with normal ZIP, but I could not find it. I wanted to keep the folder structure).
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