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Heya LyteWing,

Welcome to EAB

Ok, I've give you a very, very, very quick guide to setting up any WinUAE version (and I'll use my current setup as a sort of base)

  • Download the [zip-archive (32-bit)] archive.
  • Extract to the directory "C:\WinUAE".
  • Create a directory "C:\WinUAE\ROMs" and extract the ROMs you found to here.
  • Create a directory "C:\WinUAE\Videos".
  • Create a directory "C:\WinUAE\Rips".
  • Start WinUAE, go to "Settings" --> "Paths" and set exactly the following:


For now use "Settings" --> "Quickstart" to try different Amiga models depending on the game you want to play i.e. "A500" or "A1200". Load the required game ".ADFs" and select "Start".

Once you're ok with all of this and we can help you set with more advanced things like display / scanline options, saving configurations etc...
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