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Originally Posted by liviux76 View Post
Yesterday I tried the game and it worked flawlessly except for the warning about the RTG library before starting the game.
...not that I'll be able to help with this, but can you post the error my friend? Others may be able to advise further.

Originally Posted by liviux76 View Post
I've installed the RTG libraries but nothing changed so I started snoopdos before starting the game and it seems that the game "fails" when searching for cybergraphics.library.
I checked the full CD-ROM and latest update again tonight.

In the above two, there is no "cybergraphics.library" files included...

You could try grabbing one of these and installing (but don't quote me, I'm no expert in this area):

... CGraphX223u.lha
... CGraphX224u.lha
... CGraphX225u.lha
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