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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Now that all of us can actually review the Shapeshifter code, do you dare to actually provide proof of this?

2 pieces of software written in the same language with the same goals doesn't say anything after all.

'Common Knowledge' is a cop-out.
The theft is common knowledge. I provided disassembled code from Shapeshifter and EMPLANT's Mac emulation to a few respected Amiga developers (like William J Coldwell) for comparison, and they posted their findings on AmiNet. When multiple sections of code are byte for byte identical, it is stolen. We looked into pursuing legal action against Christian (after sending cease and desist letters), but being a college student at the time with no verifiable source of income (and after having successfully sued a company in the U.K. for copyright infringement which resulted in costing us money), our attorney said we didn't stand to gain anything financially. Simon Douglas/Readysoft was also in the same boat, with about 80% of Shapeshifter originally coming from Amax IV. It's easy enough for anyone to disassemble and compare code, so there is no need to take my word for it. There is a long history of documentation about this... do a search.
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