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When you enable vsync, WinUAE adjusts the emulated Amiga speed so 1 Amiga frame takes the same time as one PC frame. So with 50Hz 1080p the emulated machine runs at (almost) the correct speed when in PAL mode.

When the emulated Amiga switches to NTSC however, emulation is slowed so that one Amiga frame (which would take ~1/60 sec on a real Amiga) still takes ~1/50 sec.

You could try using the "Low Latency VS, 50/60Hz" option in WinUAE display settings. With that, WinUAE will hopefully switch the PC video mode between 50Hz and 60Hz depending on the Amiga mode. But there could be issues there: your monitor blanking for a short while, the Windows desktop flashing, sound glitches as the mode changes.

I wonder whether a "vsync as long as it doesn't alter Amiga speed much" setting could be useful for WinUAE. With that, you'd be vsynced to 50Hz, but when the Amiga mode changes to NTSC, WinUAE would automatically revert to non-vsynced mode. And back to vsynced once video mode changes to PAL again.
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