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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
It does play just fine on a real A1200, but you seem to be forcing it to play in PAL 50hz in WinUAE so the music will naturally slow down (EDIT: with the assumption that the modplayer is tied to the VBL)
I'm using a 50Hz 1080p mode on my Nvidia card, so as to match the PAL refresh rate of the Amiga.

As a result, I'm reinforcing the 50Hz PAL mode in addition, because I was told by someone here that it was the only way of ensuring silky smooth scrolling graphics etc. just like those on real hardware on an old CRT. If I'm wrong in that regard and I can just use the "Default Refresh Rate" for exactly the same effect in both PAL and NTSC, then I will change my configs accordingly.
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