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Originally Posted by esc View Post
// derailing this a bit

I had a thought. Maybe warpos would be the most impactful candidate to open-source.

Think about it - being able to write warpos drivers for multiple cards, including uaegfx. You'd be able to fully emulate an amiga capable of playing any demo or game with a uaegfx warpos driver.

Seems like a home run.
Someone pretty much already has, as in rewrote the whole thing for other cards, though technically I don't know what license applies. I don't know what uaegfx has to do with WarpOS, but if you have a PPC card that you can somehow mount in an Amiga let Hedeon know (or me as I will send him about 30 messages about it). Or if someone wants to build one the code is open for anyone to fork, though I think it would be better if they were in the main project.

What I wonder is can parts of P96 be rewritten to support WarpOS and would that provide any benefit, like run the GFX driver from the PPC side. Also WarpOS AHI drivers, I know Martin Blom worked on this and actually has some alphas out there of it, but it was never released to a stable or usable state. Sorry for the derail.
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