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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
ABasiC is not really important, but as AmigaBasic was made by Microsoft that will be a no go for our community I think. If people wish, I'll definitely can try, but I think ABasiC is the easier road ATM (no commercial successor, nobody that has any commercial stake in it as far as I know of ATM).

I also contacted HiSoft and am waiting for an answer as we speak. That would enable quite a line of products we might save from extinction.
You are making a wrong assumptiong my friend, Microsoft is a company that has an internal policy of allowing free distribution of their abondonware products if they dont pose a risk to their current markets or projects.

They have opened sourced or allowed binary distributions of their property free of charge in many cases. In the Amiga scenario, I remember more than a decade ago that they even gave permission to Back To the Roots to redistribute some games which were of their property. The same can be said about Caligari (Truespace). So it is a matter of reaching the right people in there.

That said, I agree with Olaf Barthel, that those basic implementations are not remarkable by any means and we should better get ManX C. But if you are looking for completeness in your endeavour, it never hurts to ask.
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