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Change in music pitch when switching to NTSC with 50Hz PAL and LL Vsync

When I ran this (mostly) 50Hz demo ( with Default Refresh Rate and no Vsyncing of any kind (set in Display) then the two 60Hz parts which come on play fine as usual (that is, those that start at 2:59 (rotator) and 4:50 (Mandelbrot zoom) in the YouTube video) but when I select 50Hz PAL and LL Vsync, the music in the 60Hz parts audibly slows down a fair amount, and I'd say the action on screen is slowed down as well. When the demo goes back to 50Hz, everything resumes at normal speed.

I remember running this demo on my real A1200 back in the day, and I think the 60Hz parts were only meant as a speed boost for those parts, but the music was unaffected. So why does this happen with these settings? I figured the 50Hz PAL setting would be like using a real Amiga with a PAL TV, so anything in NTSC mode wouldn't be affected sound-wise.

I've included what I think you need, but let me know if I need to provide more files.
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