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Mouse becomes uncaptured when window partly off-screen

I noticed this issue on Windows 10 1703, so it may well be a bug in that rather than WinUAE.

Start emulation. Drag the emulation window so it's partly off the edge of the screen. E.g. to the right and down so the lower right of the emulation window is off-screen. Click in the emulation window to capture the mouse. If you move your mouse around, eventually it becomes un-captured.

Edit: It happens on Windows 10 1511 build 10586.873 too.

Edit 2: Happens on Windows 7 SP1 32-bit also. There, I moved the emulation window right and down so only the upper-left quarter was still visible. With the mouse captured, moving the mouse around for a while I noticed the Windows mouse pointer appear over the taskbar below the visible part of the emulation window. I could move the Windows mouse pointer left and right, but when it was parallel with the emulation window left edge it wouldn't move any further left. However, right-clicking then seemed to fully un-capture the mouse, after which I could move it anywhere on the Windows desktop.

Edit 3: Also, when the emulation window is partly off-screen, if you move the mouse around, the movement of the Amiga mouse pointer can become constrained to a smaller region of the emulation window (e.g. you can't move it any further right, even though it's only part-way across the Workbench screen).

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