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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Hm... which value does "ABasiC" actually have today? What does it enable which could not be accomplish by any other means? Is it worth the effort, considering how much more advanced its "successor" AmigaBASIC was by comparison, and even that was not exactly the yardstick by which BASIC interpreter performance, power, and GUI responsiveness had to be measured.

Call me a hard man, but I would much rather see one of the commercial Amiga 'C' compilers made by the defunct Manx Software Systems of Shrewsbury, New Jersey made available for free use, including the source code for its runtime library.

ABasiC is not really important, but as AmigaBasic was made by Microsoft that will be a no go for our community I think. If people wish, I'll definitely can try, but I think ABasiC is the easier road ATM (no commercial successor, nobody that has any commercial stake in it as far as I know of ATM).

I also contacted HiSoft and am waiting for an answer as we speak. That would enable quite a line of products we might save from extinction.
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