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Opportunities, first and foremost. At the moment, there are none; once open-sourced there will be more.

Personally I think the future of Amiga is on ARM; look at what RiscOS have done to get it on the RaspberryPi, with dual licencing as a half-way house between open- and closed-source.

michaelz mentioned the cost of classic hardware and other have said the only way Amiga has a future is if new, mass-produced, cheap functional hardware is produced. This will never happen with OS4/A-EON (even the A1222 bare-bones low-end board-only is €400 - I can get a decent laptop for that!). Targeting something like the RaspberryPi and its ilk gives people a chance to use AmigaOS.

Probably the resources aren't there at Cloanto/Hyperion to embark on such a porting exercise with no guaranteed return on investment, so they're locked into m68k/PCC. Making it open-source allows "the community" to do the work of porting to any desired platform.
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