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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done if the actual commercial rightsholders are not willing to entertain a path towards this outcome, or even consider the possible benefits. After all, I cannot "prove" a given set of outcomes of relicensing, especially for these companies, which I know nothing about. I can only say, look around at the world in which we live, and observe the results of open source, specifically in terms of community.

I am told by Jens that it is not about the money, and maybe it isn't. Perhaps that is true of the controllers of the other involved entities too, if we are to be generous in our consideration. If controlling the fate of AmigaOS was their dream-of-dreams, then rational discussion is impossible, and perhaps there isn't "a price", despite any benefits one could conceivably convey.
I think it's not about money either. As far as I can see, most companies are in it for the love of the Amiga. And like most people here, they simply try to protect it in the way they see fit. Just like some people think they should hoard hardware, because otherwise it may end up in the dumpster or someone's hands who don't care for it, so do these companies hoard software, rights and trademarks.

Mike Battilana (Cloanto) is not negative about releasing rights to someone else (or some entity), it's mostly; will they do even half the job Cloanto did trying to get all rights sorted out. So in the end, it's a matter of trust and this works both ways. This is something we need to focus on first, both parties has to establish a level of trust of the other.
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