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Let me just say something about Jens' work: he produces reliably and admirably, and offers pretty good support, all things considered. One can truly appreciate what hoops he must go through in order for Individual Computers to operate as a functional business. It is impressive, to say the very least.

On the other hand, silos and monopolization enforced through the unholy medium of copyright, especially pertaining to a space which is effectively hobbyist-driven, is absurd and profane. Most of us working on something here are doing it for the love and the glory, not for the gold.

Now, does anyone honestly believe that the liberation of AmigaOS 3.1 would result in stagnation? Or to put it another way, does anyone believe that there would be less sustained development than we see at present? If you can follow my hypothesis that this release would result in a flurry of hobbyist OS development, then it probably isn't difficult to make the following conceptual leap either:

More open development on the core OS, means more energy: discussion, ideation, and even more empassioned conflict (for better or for worse) are the likely result. And, more of that result means more people will want to play, in general. More people wanting to play in general means more hardware sales.

To my mind's eye, this is a fairly straightforward proposition which begins by respecting the community. And by "community" I do not mean idealized legal fictions, but rather the actual, real members of the community. Do not attempt to curtail their rights; allow them the freedom to share and grow. Have our cake and eat it, indeed.
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