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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I hope Jens doesn't buy and control the whole Amigaland. Do you really think he is that good that you would trust the whole Amiga future with him? What great vision and leadership has he exhibited so far?
I realise I'm in danger of sounding like an apologist, but there aren't many companies making stuff for the classic Amigas on a commercial basis. Those that are are keeping the old hardware relevant and letting newcomers (and returnees) get into the Amiga without needing to spend a fortune. An Amiga 500 + trapdoor 512k + aca500plus won't break the bank and can run a large percentage of all Amiga software.

Some sort of controlling commercial entity isn't a bad thing necessarily, if they're actually producing stuff and so have a self-interest in growing the number of active users.

The trick is to persuade such companies that they can have their cake and eat it with open source. I believe they can (many a company is making millions from open source stuff).
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