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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
"You can milk a cow shamelessly but we all know the cow will get old and die at some point." :-)

Cloanto as a company does a lot of mixed stuff, one of it happens to be Amiga Forever, so they are hardly dependent on it for its survival, but, without any sort of development of the OS and content itself, the market *will* get saturated - and then what?
The growth forecast for a static niche system isn't great. By opening the sources while continuing to oversee the distributions they would have new stuff to offer and that way, the small market you have would have a reason to get back to them for more.

Oh well.. I guess only enough $$ could make things move because it seems they care about some small profit not any actual interest in keeping the platform fresh....

Or maybe Jens will buy it eventually and become the emperor of Amigaland ;-)
Also quoting this, the growth forecast for a static niche system like Amigas is a downward slope. I think all we can hope for is that people who owned and loved an Amiga at some point get curious and pick up one of the new products here or there but that's it. I don't think there is much likelihood of new users coming to the platform.

What happens now is that the few Amiga users left hoard Amigas. Some play Pokemon and try to catch them all and restore them to working state and upgrade the hell out of them.

Knowing the above one tactic for the manufacturers of Amiga products try to maximise the profit per purchase.

This is bad because it discourages casually curious people to avoid the platform at all costs since the barrier to entry is so high. If you tried to explain to someone who is not an Amigan that you spent $300 on a Zorro Network, USB and lets say a sound card they will think you are nuts.

You can see that the hoarding and collecting part of the community has started to block out the casually curious crowd since the price to buy even a basic beat up unexpanded A500 is getting pretty high.

There is always the hope that the community or grassroots people will release interesting and cheap expansions but they don't end up being that cheap at all and to an uninterested party seem like crazy luxury purchases.

I'm not trying to be negative here but some day not really too far off the community will be reduced to some retro computing sub-forum and a surprisingly large amount of entries. And that's fine too all we can say is that during our time we did burn.
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