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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
"You can milk a cow shamelessly but we all know the cow will get old and die at some point." :-)

Cloanto as a company does a lot of mixed stuff, one of it happens to be Amiga Forever, so they are hardly dependent on it for its survival, but, without any sort of development of the OS and content itself, the market *will* get saturated - and then what?
The growth forecast for a static niche system isn't great. By opening the sources while continuing to oversee the distributions they would have new stuff to offer and that way, the small market you have would have a reason to get back to them for more.

Oh well.. I guess only enough $$ could make things move because it seems they care about some small profit not any actual interest in keeping the platform fresh....
I like the analogy. Computers are a high technology business which needs reinvestment and R&D to improve and create new products. How fast does the milk production go down if you don't take care of the milked cows?

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Or maybe Jens will buy it eventually and become the emperor of Amigaland ;-)
I hope Jens doesn't buy and control the whole Amigaland. Do you really think he is that good that you would trust the whole Amiga future with him? What great vision and leadership has he exhibited so far?
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