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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
It might take a couple of days. It's not straightforward. I'll probably have to construct the required disk image using a binary file editor.
Of course if you would like some pointers

The directory structure is easy for you to figure out.

Its a single side format, i.e. it loads from one side of the disk, it eventually swtiches to the other side once the first side is full.

So the directory will give you the sector start of where the save file is on the disk, when you get to the first block of that file, I cant remember if its a longword or a word, but that very first word or longword gives you the sector pointer for the next data block of the file.

Easy way to subvert all this is to fake the disk as a gamedisk, edit all the save filenames to game filenames and cheat using the hard drive installer, then rename the files back again.

I 'might' even still have my utilities I created to master disk images with this format.
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