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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
To refresh anyone's memory this was the first post:

Dave Haynie has said he would have went with PCI if it was a standard around when Zorro-III was being created, he just gets to "make it right".
Has anything changed since August 2015? Making a Buster replacement for big box Amigas almost seems like a step backward, or at least side ways, from a replacement FPGA Amiga motherboard which Dave supported for the Amiga future. It would be different if the optimized buster logic could be used in an FPGA Amiga motherboard but it would likely be unnecessary as is with the Zorro slots disappearing. It would be great if Dave could be encouraged to get involved with one of the FPGA Amiga motherboard replacement developments as he is great for PR and motivation, he has insights and resources for some of the custom chip logic and his advice has been solid (C= didn't listen and they are bankrupt and Hyperion/A-Eon didn't listen and they are likely a tax deduction as well). The current FPGA Amiga developers could use more vision and planning for the future. Too bad they can't all work together for the next generation and mass produce very affordable hardware. Then again, it may be the politics and short sighted people he wants to avoid after experiencing the destruction of C=.
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