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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
I disagree. They also "grew" their product from classic 68k emulation to include ppc. Emulation would still be useful for a lot of people who want to play old games with a user friendly interface so they don't need to go through hoops to setup. Besides, Cloanto sells the product with a lot more software on top of it. So there would still be a market for that I guess.

I see most of the grow for Cloanto because some coders will write software for the enhanced open source version (that could probably run on x86(32/64) and arm in the future), but also be compiled on the 68k for the fun of it. Besides, Cloanto can support the newer as well in their user friendly package. For those who don't want to install it on their Windows PC. It would be a bit like parallels on mac or VMware workstation on Windows.

It could, if they help foster it, grow their market.

Follow up; and don't forget that the classic market might boost because it will be easier to develop new hardware. If I remember correctly @plasmab said, having access to the kickstart sources, might have accelerated the development of the Gayle cpld. This would be true for more hardware. More hardware would mean more interesting developments and might result in a bigger community.
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