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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
This sounds weird. I'm wondering what's going on, because this is not something discussed with Mike.
Maybe it sounds weird to you, but that's Cloanto's MO. It's not their first time to refuse posting on the forum boards, and go after individuals "in the dark".

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Don't share more than what feels comfortable, but hmmmm.. very weird way to communicate with a community. For example, Jens S. has a pretty good contact with the community through forums, why couldn't Cloanto, right?
It would be very interesting to get some official Cloanto person's opinion in these matters.
It would be of benefit to both parties if we agreed where the future of Amiga OS 3.x lies ;-)

Apart from risking being digitally beaten up by bitter and grumpy geeks, what do they have to lose?
Well, since I got another one it is clear that they have plenty of time to write messages, but they don't want to join a public discussion.

I told their representative to post anything he has to say in appropriate threads. If they continue with the private messaging approach I will consider it a threat.

Coincidentally, Ladyjane is on a rampage in the other thread, posting wXR's private info and threatening to cause trouble at his workplace.
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