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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
They're definitely not public domain

I wasn't talking about stealing. But I do think it's common decency to ask the original artist if they're ok with their work being displayed in a modified form (in this case looking worse than originally intended, even if it's nice for A500 standard).

You're converter seems to give pretty decent results, so I would definitely be interested in creating a souped up slideshow if original content would be shown.
Hmm, it is interesting topic for lawyers about what legally are those production, but i doubt we should disscuss it here. What is clear is that whenever you decide to start in that compo you are giving permission that your work will be publicly available on dozens of servers and everyone can display them. I display them just on 30 years old computer and if you would for example try to display full color picture on 256color display you would do the same thing i do. I am just doing it better ;-)

of course good behaviour would requie that we should ask authors about permission but this is not a problemm of will, but more practical - how to contact them ;-)

Thanx for your appreciation of my work. Indeed if you have about 50kB for fullscreen highres picture you can think about making something decent with them.
Revision pictures are my idea coz in fact i discovered them recently. While i liked demos for ages i never really watched compo pictures. Slideshow is an idea how to present them to larger audience,

Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
16 Colors? Looks very nice, almost Pixel Art.

Will you provide, create, conversion tool sometime in the future?
Well it took me a while to "develop" this so i would like to have some "fame" out of it, but after some production there is really not a problemm to explain it publicly so more people will start using it. You can have higher quality conversion with those pictures but they will be far less compressible.

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