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To refresh anyone's memory this was the first post:

Dave Haynie has said he would have went with PCI if it was a standard around when Zorro-III was being created, he just gets to "make it right".

Originally Posted by midwan View Post
Hi people,
I've been thinking about an idea I had recently:
Would it be technically possible to produce a Buster replacement chip for the A4000 (maybe A3000 too), which would keep the compatibility but improve the performance?

So I talked to Dave Haynie the other day and he verified that yes, that could be done. He also mentioned that he was thinking of something similar himself. :-)

My idea was that if enough people are interested in this, we could organize a Kickstarter (or other crowdfunding) campaign to fund it. If Dave would be interested in designing this, it would be great opportunity to "do things right". We could have the Zorro busboard and any cards on it to perform at their maximum potential.

Of course, if not enough people are interested this would probably not work.

So, I posted a relevant question on the "Commodore Amiga" facebook group and I've started posting this on a few forums as well, just to see what kind of reactions we'll get.

Note: I am not a hardware guy myself (more of a software one) and have no previous experience with Kickstarter as an organizer. If people with more experience in these fields would like to help, that would be greatly appreciated.

So, what do you think?
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