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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
So are we in agreement? Make a board that plugs into an 040 or 060 socket with the 040/060 plugging into it, with a fast PCI bus that goes out to a busboard with Zorro+PCI or the Mediator bridge slot. Someone ask Haynie if he can do that.
Dave Haynie has already spoken. He said developing a whole new Amiga using FPGA technology was the way to go. The following is what he had to say when I mentioned the Natami.

Originally Posted by hazydave
Actually, of all the recent hardware things I've seen in the post-Amiga world, this is the only one I see as being of much value. Or, in my usual terms, "It's cool".

For one, you can claim real Amiga cred there -- doing things the Amiga way. You're not just a PC with a PowerPC CPU and some VGA chip trying to make the claim of being an Amiga. I was a little skeptical when I first heard about it, but I'm totally convinced at this point: if you want a new Amiga, this is the true way.

It's also sustainable... you can make as many of these as there's demand for. If this X1000 thing was the second coming of the A1000 (it's not, and honestly, not that interesting), it has a built-in limit, since the CPU is already discontinued.

And add to that the FPGA basis... there's some serious hacking potential there, I think. Particularly if they're not full yet :-) This isn't going to replace everyone's need for a fast PC, but then again, running original AmigaOS, you don't really need to be. As long as the cost stays in reach of the hobbyist, this could do well.
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