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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I also saw some Picasso IV prototypes where they clearly label its bus as PCI, and it would be within reason since they used a chip specifically designed for PCI SVGA graphic cards.

Yes, reusing what we already have, is better than reinventing the wheel 72 times. And it is certainly a better option using inexpensive and abundant hardware.

Well, that would be the smart solution. I hope someone gives it a go.
As I recall the Picasso IV had a PCI bus integrated on it and the longish term plan as was whispered by those guys was that they could put a PPC chip on it. But that's neither here nor there, just a random bit of Amiga history. There was also the GVP 110/24 that had a fast bus to a GVP Combo card, never seen one of these in real life but the specs sure are nice to look at now and then.

So are we in agreement? Make a board that plugs into an 040 or 060 socket with the 040/060 plugging into it, with a fast PCI bus that goes out to a busboard with Zorro+PCI or the Mediator bridge slot. Someone ask Haynie if he can do that.
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