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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
We do have the Phase5 GRex example as rare and expensive as it is, which roughly doubled Zorro-III speeds, something like that but not tied to a specific accelerator would be a good idea.
I heard rumors that this was just a simplified and proprietary PCI slot. It made me wonder if the slot could be converted to a regular PCI slot.

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I agree on this last post of your for the most part.

Despite being PCI Express the current PC hardware interface trend, I would certainly go the older PCI route, as there is already an available Amiga open source implementation (the Prometheus) which could be used as a basis for such a project.
PCI is plenty of fast for the old Amiga hardware and probably even FPGA CPU motherboards. Existing drivers for PCI are an advantage as are cheap PCI cards.

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I would leave buster as it is, but add PCI to mix. It would open up a world of possibilities. Leave Zorro II/III as slow as it is and attempt to do something with PCI.
It may be possible for an FPGA buster to be transparently optimized for PCI thus improving the performance for PCI. This could help with gfx bus speeds of gfx cards. Changing timings very much on Zorro cards is going to be less compatible even if Zorro III could be enhanced while being in spec. Some of the hardware was never tested with a faster spec.
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