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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
You are also missing the TOP 500.

Of the 500 fastest supercomputers of the world, 498 run Linux, and the remaining 2 run AIX. So it is easy to say Linux crushes the competition in this supercomputer segment.
This is a very niche market (more niche than the AmigaOS PPC market). Even the server market I'm not too concerned about. I'm looking at the desktop/laptop, mobile/netbook and (retro) console markets and see deficiencies, inefficiencies and difficulties where the Amiga could have been better and still is in some ways. Several years ago, I had investors with hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars ready to invest in Amiga hardware (retro/hobbyist/embedded) without even approaching one person (they contacted me). I was investigating paths to make it happen and started looking for technology partners. The biggest loose end was the AmigaOS with the current situation and the likely cost to obtain and develop it (including legal fees). I certainly had no answer for Dave Alsup (FIDO 68k CPU) when he asked a question about which OS. The nail in the coffin was Gunnar von Boehn when I decided he was not a team player and too risky to have in charge of anything. Of course we would have needed more money but I always thought raising several million U.S. dollars would be the easy part.
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