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Originally Posted by plasmab View Post
Ok. Linux may have 1.5% of the desktop/laptop market now in Europe. It was <1% last time I looked (maybe in the U.S.). Mobile is all about the popularity of Android which I recognized (even if not impressive much like the popular Windows on the desktop). It looks like Linux is probably doing well in the server market although the data is highly "inconsistent".

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
But things like servers? 'Other UNIX flavors'? You are essentially arse raped if you are still vendor locked to one nowadays, nobody does now setups on proprietary UNIX.
Ok. It looks like Linux has taken large market share in servers which is probably a profitable market. It looks like it has taken share from Unix and BSD too.

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
'CPU variations fragment the market and make Linux slow' slow!? oh fuck i'm not even getting into this :-/
ARM variants for Android I said. This is why there was Dalvik and then ART byte code which is horribly inefficient compared to a CPU specific executable, especially on lower performance mobile ARM processors.

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
success? a resounding one.
Desktop/laptop, no. Mobile through a heavily modified and standardized Linux with Android, yes if you want to call it Linux. Linux for businesses, maybe in Europe, here in the U.S. it is mostly Windows except for some big businesses. Linux for servers, probably.

Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
I don't really care about Linux in this debate. It's simple, Linux was open from the start, Amiga Kickstart and Workbench (or combined: AmigaOS) are not. We cannot hope to get this as as widespread as Linux, we can hope to get the sources open and build upon them.
Linux was just a free and open source flavor of Unix which had been around for much longer. Perhaps like AROS compared to AmigaOS?

Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
I really want it to be open sourced, to build upon it in an open way, but on this moment, that's probably all we get. Just getting out community to grow, will probably take a few years to a decade just because we have to catch up with Windows, Linux and macOS.
AROS will likely take over AmigaOS flavors and become dominant. I'm not sure what effect releasing the AmigaOS source would have on it.

1) AROS and AmigaOS would grow together
2) AROS would improve and AmigaOS would die out
3) AmigaOS would improve and AROS would die out
4) worse flavor hell than the Amiga has now and more like Linux

I would rather not have #4 which is why I suggested a development and standardization committee. The Amiga efforts and market share are already too fragmented by the AmigaOS flavors and camps.

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