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I definitely HAD to use my 1200 (and before that my 500) as productivity machines: an A2000 was two grand in 1980, and an A3000 (and later 4000) were insanely expensive. The 4000 and 4000t were (in my opinion) grossly overpriced for what you got anyway. Even if CUSA had held on a bit longer, there was no way I was going to be able to keep spending up like that. I mean a 4000t was what, four grand? Five? For a machine that the manufacturer considered an HD "optional" for.
Yep, the Amiga 3000 was top of the line and deluxe (still should have had AGA) while the 4000 was mid-level at best (downgrade compared to 3000 except for AGA). I wanted a 4000T but it had an outrageous price. C= should have mass produced the 4000T instead of bringing the 4000 to market. This would have provided proper Toaster systems earlier too.


Focus cost reductions and mass production on 2 products. This may have been enough to save C= until they had a single chip Amiga. C= was good at cost reducing hardware if they could figure out the market. They wanted to make the Amiga another C64 but didn't quite get it cheap enough where people didn't worry about how state of the art it was. At a certain price threshold there are impulse and gift buyers which greatly increase sales. They almost had it with the CD32 too.
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