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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
But is Linux a success overall?
Lol, i'm not sure in what reality you are living.

Sure private desktops and laptops aren't terribly huge (theres quite large business setups though).

But things like servers? 'Other UNIX flavors'? You are essentially arse raped if you are still vendor locked to one nowadays, nobody does now setups on propietary UNIX.

And BSD 'just as likely' come on, theres a couple of holdouts which standardised on BSD 15 years ago, some specific cases due to BSD licensing (games consoles) and then it gets quiet reaaaaally quick.

At my work we run most of our infrastructure on top of various shapes and forms of Linux and we make more in a month then the whole post-commodore Amiga 'industry' has done in the last 25 years.

Try not to be silly, it makes you seem like a deluded madman holding on to glories long since past.

'CPU variations fragment the market and make Linux slow' slow!? oh fuck i'm not even getting into this :-/

success? a resounding one.
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