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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
Open-source doesn't have to be the end of commercial activity - look at Linux. RedHat made roughly a squillion dollars last year selling a collection of open source software.
But is Linux a success overall? It certainly is not on the desktop/laptop market with less than 1% of the market. Servers are just as likely to be BSD, some other Unix flavor or Windows. The biggest success if probably in mobile with Android where it gives slow performance but Android itself gives it what it needs which is some standardization (advantages mostly offset by too many ARM hardware variations to be efficient). All the Linux and CPU variations fragment the market and make Linux slow. The easier to use flavors of Linux are usually either bloated or less popular and impossible to download software for. I guess compared to the Amiga it is a success though. There are some businesses using it and some businesses profiting from it.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Indeed! I would probably support them more if they was involved in this. I wouldn't be against them being the gatekeepers of the whole open source project either if they decided to be involved as such. Every project needs a leader after all, and I think they are ideally placed to hold that role.
Developing the AmigaOS could enhance Cloanto's products. There would be more demand for a new AmigaOS and kickstarts resulting in more sales. Kickstart ROMs could be sold for profit. More Amiga development and interest in general is almost certainly good for sales. Development is expensive because labor is expensive but easier to obtain sources (copyrights could be retained) and not requiring a NDA could reduce these costs by allowing more developers to contribute. There should be a development and standardization committee for decisions.
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