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Originally Posted by Thelemorf View Post
And Btw, so many keeps talking about "productivity" for the a500/600/1200, but how many actually used the small amigas for that?
Everyone I knew that had amiga/Atari St when growing up used them 90% as gaming machines..
IMHO there was a lot more productivity software use back in the day than you seem to think. If only because the companies involved kept making new versions of their productivity programs right up to the mid 1990's. Unless all companies involved where purely charity based of course

Knowing now that the big-box Amiga's where really rather uncommon it stands to reason a considerable fraction of the small Amiga's was also used at least in part for productivity software.

(And secondly, I definitely used my Amiga 500&1200 for way more than just games - though that is an anecdote and not statistical evidence...)

Originally Posted by indigolemon View Post
I wonder if the opposite happens on console forums. User's lamenting how bad the console was for general computer use, and pointing out the Amiga was better at it?
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