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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It sounds more like previously floating point had much larger latency and now it is much lower. Integer didn't get as much reduction because it was already lower.
Possibly there's a separate performance gain tied to using float.

Looking at the two quotes from this link:
An application that uses WASAPI to manage shared-mode streams can rely on the audio engine to perform only limited format conversions. The audio engine can convert between a standard PCM sample size used by the application and the floating-point samples that the engine uses for its internal processing.
and the "CD Quality" example at the bottom:
but it will convert samples to floating-point numbers before processing them. The audio engine will convert the floating-point samples in the output mix to 16-bit integers before playing them through the device
Because in the quote it says that the (Windows Wasapi) engine uses floating point for its internal processing, it would seem that feeding it anything else will lead to an extra conversion step?

(But I'm no expert on this, so it's mostly guessing..)
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