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I still have two DraCos, a cube one and a tower one, at home. So information for me is not scarce.

I also had an Elbox Zorro IV busboard way back, which I sold for some quick bucks.

It is not 1MB/s extra in the Zorro II slots, you get much more than that if the card can take advantage of that bandwith. There is no Zorro III on the DraCo, there is a much better bus interface called DraCo Direct 32 which is much faster than ZIII and has less hardware requirements but uses the same form factor and also has autoconfig.

BBoAH is not accurate in many things, but at least it is a good starting point to get an overview of Amiga hardware.

The point is, that there are many Zorro cards already in the market that can take advantage of faster bus interface speeds, and there have been a few backplane implementations where those cards, outperform traditional Amigas. So implementing a faster FPGA reimplementation is not a useless endeavour.
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