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Originally Posted by paulo_becas View Post
Hello guys,

I was wondering if someone ever came across the following situation.
Recently i recovered my twenty and some years old save disk from premier manager 3 but i can't use it with the HD version of the game nor the whdload version.
I've tried to access the files on the disk to play it from an HD version, but i couldn't do it. It works flawlessly with the floppy version.
Tried with winuae, ADF View, ADF Opus, you name it. It keeps giving me the error 880
I noticed a peculiar thing while i was experimenting a few things. When i used a floppy formated disk, the game made me format it again because it could not use a disk that was not formated inside the game, the thing is that while i was formating the disk, inside the game, it started from track 80 to track 0, that's right, from the end to the begining so i think this is some kind of protection.
Long story short i need to access the disk but need to read it backwards from the end to the begining.
Anyone ever came across with a identical situation?
Whilst the save disks are a standard AmigaDOS format (i.e. no exotic custom MFM format), the information written to the disk is structured differently, i.e. the root directory for the files is in a different place, and the Premier Manager series reads the disk single side at a time.
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