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I was over the moon with my A1200. My parents got it for me after my co-geeks said it was the way to go. I had a HDD but no accelerator, and yet I still managed to do homework on it and so forth. Games and so on, never had a real problem with.

Fast forward to today and being close to 40, I can buy accelerators and suchlike. In the late 90s I convinced my parents to get me a PC, which was only because of pressure from college (I was doing an IT course), but in hindsight I could have kept coding/wordprocessing/games etc. on the A1200 but I did eventually sell it. Silly really, that machine is retropectively sentimental (tm).

Anyway the 1200 was the only wedge Amiga with CPU lines on the internal expansion port, so you didn't need ugly sidecar type expansions for CPU upgrades or something piggybacked to the motherboard. Much more cilvilised way to upgrade.

The A1200 was made to a pricepoint with upgrades aplenty soon after release. Just like the A1000 only came with 256K but the 256K expansion was bought by almost everyone who needed to do anything beyond the most basic program/game.

Some of you made an informed decision to buy an A1200 and were probably more content with it than your memory allows. As the PC and consoles one the productivity and games markets respecively, its easier to look back and think you made the wrong choice, when until Windows 95 and the PS1 came out, it was still anyone's for the taking.

PS AGA is bad? Are you kidding me? Have you seen the difference between AGA and ECS/OCS demos? Night and day difference. Game developers just didn't have time to do anything with it before Commodore went belly up (plus many left for PC markets anyway).

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