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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
In the example you gave (Elbox/Winner Zorro IV) you can clearly see how can you drive some Zorro cards way beyond the Amiga limits.

You also forgot to mention the MacroSystem DraCo which uses an even much faster Zorro II implementation, and sports its own customized implementation of a faster Zorro like bus called DraCo Direct32, which is essentially a 68040 bus with autoconfig. This DraCo Direct 32 bus gives a performance of an additional 10MB/s bandwith over what Zorro III can deliver, in the same connector with a two layer pcb. And all of this without any Amiga chipset dependency.
Ok that sounds like an ok idea but I think developing a buster replacement for Draco Direct32 is probably an even more far out idea. They surely built the CPU interface to support that from the initial design.

I've never had a Draco unfortunately and information is rather scarce about them but BBoAH and Amiga Resource say about the Zorro-2 (not 3):
6 x 100 pin Zorro II slots (1 reserved for motherboard) These Zorro slots can operate in a special fast mode (twice the standart Zorro II speed).

Amiga resource
The Zorro II bus of DraCo runs at higher clock speed, giving about 1 MB/s extra over the standard Amiga Zorro II slots. It allows the 16 bit V-Lab Motion card to produce better quality video output, but makes many Zorro II expansion cards incompatible with the DraCo.
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