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I've been scanning a little and have made a pfd out off half AF23. Before going any further I like some comments on the quality.

I've scanned it with 200dpi. I tried 300 dpi but that took too long and the difference in the final pdf wasn't great.

- scanning at 200dpi
- touched up the files a little using a well known program
- resized the files to approx 961x1441
- used another well known program to make the pdf with jpeg2k reduction

this resulted in a 12.4 MB file which can be opened with Adobe Reader 6.0 (not with 5.0 or lower) I hope this works also if you don't have the jpeg2k plugin installed.

Final question: where can I upload this file?

BTW the you'll notice a big difference between pages 1-54 and 55-98. Guess I used different scanning settings.

Well had nothing this afternoon and found the AF CD32 Supplement that got me drooling when I first read it. I scanned the thing and because it only has 20 pages I made a complete pfd out of it. Same procedure as above and only about 5 MB. Sad to say but as with real amiga's the magazines also suffer from yellowing. Page 2 & 19 look a lot better because they were printed on the insides of the cover.

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