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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
Hey, I'm a witty guy, but I ain't trolling

I guess it's not nice to expose private messages, but it was something like "why the hate, what did we do, and can we do something about it".

Now, I would have appreciated it if their representative had posted this in one of the threads, and took part in the discussion. That's where Q&As are supposed to take place. This way, doing it in private, seem like a mobster whispering to your ear: "nice family you have there". 100% polite

I am genuinely surprised no one else got a message from them. Perhaps I'm the only one who looks like a sap that can easily be bullied

Coincidentally, LadyJane appeared at the same time

This sounds weird. I'm wondering what's going on, because this is not something discussed with Mike.
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