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Hi Toni,

Quick question, just to be sure. Is the WinUAE Wasapi implemention using floating point data?

In the decription of the audiostack improvements for Windows 10, as mentioned earlier in this thread ( Audio_Stack_Improvements_in_Windows_10 ) it is said that

"[...]Applications that use floating point data will have 16ms lower latency. b. Applications that use integer data will have 4.5ms lower latency". Which means using floating point data results in 11.5ms lower latency versus using integer data.

I can't remember this difference ever being discussed at the time of implemention, that's why I want to make sure..

Apparently float can be set using the WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE structure, using the subtype KSDATAFORMAT_SUBTYPE_IEEE_FLOAT as described here:


and here: WAVEFORMATEX structure

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