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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Perhaps you dont know, but there are a lot of Zorro card that push the Zorro bandwith limits, and if more bandwith is available then they gladly make use of it.

A few examples:

Deneb from E3B
CyberVision 64/3D MK-II (which is the one built by DCE not Phase 5)
Buddha FastZ2/Maxxelerate from Individual Computers
X-Surf (the old ones) from Individual Computers
Vlab from MacroSystem
Vlab Y/C from MacroSystem
Vlab Motion from MacroSystem
Picasso IV from Village Tronic

There might be others but these are the ones that I remember right now.
So there are quite a few.
I'm not doubting that but how do we really know that whatever Buster replacement is going to be made fasterlier in the exact way these boards require? Or are you talking about the double Zorro-II modes some A1200 busboards supported like the Elbox Zorro IV?
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