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Originally posted by manicx
C'mon mate, the AP crew were drinking wine in the name of Sensible Soccer. It's well know Stuart Cambell was just mad about this game. He reached to the point to speak about the best game on the Amiga. This is far from proffesional. One of the best? Maybe... But FFS! Not the best!
I personally think it IS the best game on the Amiga, you don't - fair enough, tastes vary. But are you saying that you hate AP because they had the courage to stand by their convinctions? Even though they lost a LOT of advertising revenue because of them? (and had Team17 threatening court injunctions for Christ's sake!)

AP cared about their READERS - to the detriment of advertising revenue - how many other publications can you think of that do/did that? Zzap did it in the 80s (I used to work with friend of Gary Penn's and met him a couple of times, I could tell you things you wouldn't BELIEVE), but who else? The line between arrogance and utter confidence in your mag is a very fine one - should AP be critisised for having complete confidence in their publication? AP was the best selling Amiga GAMES mag in the entire world for a REASON. I guess you're in a minority mate.
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