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No guys. JimDrew checked with his 6 lawyers already, and the case is very clear.

Now, do something productive. Here are some felt-tipped markers, and here is some poster-board and tape for everyone. The pile of cut-up fencing wood is over in the corner. Put your signs together and lets join behind his picket-march at headquarters in San Francisco. Can you believe that computers were designed to be able to copy long strings of numbers without checking with all possible owners of a given string of numbers? What were they thinking?! We can put an end to this travesty and restore order and a few cents of potential profit to copyright holders, if we only work together. Raise those signs and sing with me now:


Every string is sacred
Every string is good.

If a string is needed
Prepare to pay the fee

If you take the string for free
God'll bend you o'er his knee

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