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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Q: We have a faster Zorro bus if it is possible with "just" a Buster replacement, but who makes faster Zorro cards?
A: Maybe VA2000 could be adapted to take advantage of a faster Zorro bus.
Perhaps you dont know, but there are a lot of Zorro card that push the Zorro bandwith limits, and if more bandwith is available then they gladly make use of it.

A few examples:

Deneb from E3B
CyberVision 64/3D MK-II (which is the one built by DCE not Phase 5)
Buddha FastZ2/Maxxelerate from Individual Computers
X-Surf (the old ones) from Individual Computers
Vlab from MacroSystem
Vlab Y/C from MacroSystem
Vlab Motion from MacroSystem
Picasso IV from Village Tronic

There might be others but these are the ones that I remember right now.
So there are quite a few.
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