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As Starship says the thread is about a buster replacement.
Q: What's the point behind a buster replacement?
A: To enable higher bandwidth to expansion slots.

Q: We have a faster Zorro bus if it is possible with "just" a Buster replacement, but who makes faster Zorro cards?
A: Maybe VA2000 could be adapted to take advantage of a faster Zorro bus.

Q: Is PCI the best option?
A1: Maybe we have OpenPCI that has a handful of Amiga drivers for it, that's good. But who's going to make the busboard.
A2:Prometheus is open source but it requires slow Zorro access. Maybe that could be updated to be faster. So now you're talking about a buster replacement and a busboard replacement, that's going to be pretty expensive. So there's a not too crazy option still expensive, but if that's the way you're going to go, why not integrate the Prometheus into a Zorro busboard replacement.
A3:You didn't mention Mediator drivers, well they only work with Mediator. Yeah some special folks can probably hack up the Elbox drivers to make them work with other things maybe, but expect a C&D from Elbox when you do that, unless they don't care anymore.

Q:Mediator is pretty good and mature, why not just make that faster?
A:Same problem as A3 above, it's all closed source and if there was an easy way of doing it maybe Elbox would have done that by now.
A2:What about my idea from some other thread where you replace the Mediator Bridge with some faster access to the CPU slot, something like the CSPPC Local bus slot to Grex. Not quite as expensive since you don't have to replace the busboard but still pretty expensive since you need to make the PCI bridge plus the Buster or Accelerator dongle. Or maybe an 040-060 interposer that sits between the 040 or 060 and the CPU socket.
A3:Well that's the same problem still need to hack up all those drivers. And now you need to either replace the Accelerator or the Buster Idea

Q:Screw all that noise just make the Buster replacement and a PCIe+Zorro busboard.
A:Expensive and need to write drivers.
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