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Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
And do we know for certain that the entity that was being bankrupted was the one that held the actual rights to this source?
C= was a hydra of a beast with a nightmare of international independent parts - are we certain that the part producing the source was not (partially?) transfering the rights to some other part?
If I read Amiga Documents you can't be so sure of everything from the moment Gateway sold it to Bill McEwen's Amiga Inc, but everything before that seems to be relative clear. Also, from a practical point of view, there is a limit to what we can do as a community. All we can do at a certain level, is try to verify as far as we can and have some genuine trust in people and companies we need to deal with. Otherwise we get in a Matrix-style discussion with layers in layers that we can never trust anybody, not even ourselves.
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